Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Rare and Unusual Spider for Nova Scotia? 

This is a spider that I never, in my wildest imagination, expected to encounter in Nova Scotia. The Orchard Orbweaver, Leucauge venusta, is a long-bodied, long-jawed orb weaving spider that I found relatively frequently in Texas but never suspected could be found this far north. This is the first one, photographed September 4th in the Pockwock Watershed Lands, that I've seen in 8 years of nature-watching and photography in Nova Scotia. Is it rare here, or just seldom encountered?


Added note: I may have at least partially answered my own question. I found and photographed another individual of this species at Roaches Pond in Spryfield on September 17th. Maybe I'm just paying more attention to spiders this year?

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