Thursday, 4 June 2015

An Infrequent Event: Orchid Cactus Flower! 

My orchid cactus, an Epiphyllum sp. hybrid originally acquired as a leaf/stem from a plant in the York University greenhouse in the early 90s, bloomed this year. This is a decidedly uncommon event because twice—first our move to Texas in '97 and then our move to Nova Scotia in '07—it has been reduced to that original leaf/stem! My current cultivation regime is also less than ideal. The plant bloomed frequently when I had it in a greenhouse in Texas but getting one of these epiphytes to bloom on a windowsill is much (much!) harder. The flowers of Epiphyllum are "dinner plate" size and this one didn't disappoint, I measured it at slightly more than 20 cm (8") in diameter.

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